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Interstellar vs. Contact: Questions of Love in Five Dimensions in Christopher Nolan’s New Space Epic

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You know, I’m usually a giant pessimist about everything, but for some insane reason I keep coming back to big blockbusters like these expecting a little microcosm of wonder to open up in my otherwise black hole of a heart. By now, I should just accept that I will never again experience the joy of watching Jurassic Park and that I will die alone surrounded by empty boxes of Milk Duds.

HOWEVER! I went and saw Interstellar ANYWAY, like a good consumer, and I return to you 17 dollars poorer to report on how terrible and disappointing it was.

I haven’t quite decided whether Christopher Nolan’s space epic was more disappointing than The Dark Knight Rises; I’m going to say it was less disappointing, because I didn’t invest several years waiting for it come out. I’m pretty sure it’s less disappointing than Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be—as a matter of principle—so there’s that to take as a consolation.


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