Awkward Things & Awkward Places: Algiers Coffee House

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This is a good place to take a date who’s not really all that fun because she has celiac disease or she’s vegan or something, or your mom.

Algiers is a very nice bookish / aspiration-ally Middle Eastern sort of place. I would describe it but that would be a waste of time because you can just Google photos. It has two floors and like most places in Boston, the tables are a little too small and crammed together to be comfortable. The tables sure look cool though, and there’s a cosy little terrace that overlooks Brattle Street on the second floor. Beware of bees though. Sometimes there are bees, bring an epi-pen.

The food isn’t particularly magical and it’s no more or less expensive than what you would expect in Harvard Square, where everything is a little expensive for no reason. Because the scant wait staff have to go up and down a winding flight of stairs to service people on the second floor, service is usually slow, but I suppose that’s not a problem for most of the patrons who buy a Polar seltzer with grenadine and sit on their Macbooks for 4 hours Facetiming or sexting or whatever college students do these days.

I like awkward things and awkward places so that’s why I give it 4 stars and keep taking dates here (and my mom).

Algiers Coffee House
40 Brattle St #3, Cambridge, MA 02138

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