The Ineffable Barracuda Tavern

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You should probably not take my advice when it comes to restaurants, as I consume Soylent for half of all my meals and am inexplicably attracted to blue-colored drinks.

That being said I really like Barracuda Tavern, it has that “ineffable quality” in a bar an ex-girlfriend once told me I lacked—like a pretend dive bar, too clean to be authentic and yet just quirky enough to be able to distinguish its wall decor from that of a Chili’s.

The place is small and loud, but somehow every time I’ve gone, they manage to accommodate a party of seven (I have done this four times). From what I recall, the menu is mostly sad attempts to innovate on bad American food, and the drinks seemed weak at best, but everything is fairly cheap considering this is Downtown and not Silvertone. When I was there last, we drank them out of blue curacao. This is a good place to go if you need to cap off the night or just want to shoot the shit for a couple hours.

Barracuda Tavern
15 Bosworth St, Boston, MA 02108

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