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This delightfully drab image is from Deltona FL dot gov.

Ah, my hometown. Home of the X-Box murders and rampant sink holes.

From Urban Dictionary:

Overcrowded and under developed, Deltona is home to crazy mean old people, new young families, wanna be “gangsta” teenagers… and most importantly, deranged lunatics.

Deltona is a huge sprawling area of winding streets that lead to more winding streets that lead to more winding streets. The neighborhoods are as mismatched as the people, with shacks falling down next door to huge, weird looking 2 story homes. You can find the poorest inhabitants of this city zipping around town in their souped up BMW’s, gas guzzling SUV’s, or Mercedes… because even though they can’t scrape together enough money to pay the electric bill they have no problem coughing up $450 for a car payment.

There is nothing to do in Deltona. Young families flock to “Dewey O”, the local park, like wildebeest to a watering hole. Old people go door to door, soliciting their religion. Teenagers spend the majority of their time vandalizing things, smoking things, snorting things up their noses, or beating the living hell out of one another.

With a Walgreens on every corner, you’ll never have to do without your pharmaceuticals.

The best part about Deltona is that you never know what you’ll get killed for. Maybe over an X box? Maybe over the way you looked at that guy at the gas pump? Or maybe just because someone felt like it.

“If you get lost, make a series of right turns. You’ll always end up at a major roadway.”

Deltona: Home of the 2004 mass murders

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