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A fantastic job ... His work completely transformed our web presence. He's patient, thoughtful and talented. An innovator and a tireless worker. I recommend him highly and without reservation. — Jeff Parker, Co-Founder / Director @ Disquiet ILP

I know no better WordPress developer. You'd be lucky to have him work on your site. — Chad Capellman, Web Strategist @ Taoti Creative

Daniel is extremely organized and prompt in all of his communications and deliverables... I was constantly impressed with the speed and quality of his work and the responsiveness of his communications. — Elizabeth Friend, Managing Director @ S3IDF.org

Talented, efficient, and innovative: A Bad Penny Review couldn't be any happier with our site or with our experience. Highly recommended. — Johnny Damm, Editor in Chief @ A Bad Penny Review

Daniel is one in a million... He's lightning fast at whatever he does while also delivering at the highest quality. He is extremely patient and always willing to help. — Anne Brown, VP, Interaction Designer @ Bank of America

Certain people in the world just naturally exude professionalism. No matter what, you receive more than you had ever requested and are instantly humbled by it. Daniel is that kind of person. — Fetesha Downes, YWCA Metro Chicago

I would trust Daniel in a heartbeat with any design or programming project... he is a pleasure to work with, incredibly skilled and creative. — Howard Stelzer, Intransitive Recordings

Daniel's knowledge of production techniques and sophisticated design sense made me feel totally confident. The site is edgy yet professional—I highly recommend Daniel for his ability to produce great results. — Jamie Kerry, Founder @ Belle Étoile Studios

Daniel consistently delivers professional and high quality work. He has a great personality and he's respected by all. — Eric Hoffman, Instructional Designer


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Why DQuinn.net?

The Power of WordPress

As of 2016, WordPress powers the websites of over 75+ million bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners worldwide. (That’s almost 19% of the Internet.) The platform was built by the tireless contributions of thousands of developers and continues to improve every day thanks to the genius of the open source community.

Since the release of version 3.0, WordPress has graduated from being the #1 tool for publishing blogs to a powerful content-management system for websites of all flavors. Countless big brands from Time Inc. and The New Yorker to TechCrunch and BBC America have chosen WordPress due to its incredible flexibility and easy-to-use Dashboard. WordPress allows non-technical users to control the content in their sites like no other platform available today.

Practical, Usable Web Design

I’m not interested in building websites for one-time, flash-in-the-pan marketing. I’m interested in building practical, usable websites for both you as the content contributor and your users as visitors. The goal is to create a web property that lets you get your message out there without having to think about the technical hurdles involved in managing a website.

A website that performs is built according to the latest web standards, responds seamlessly across all modern devices, and plays nice with search engines. It’s built to enhance your content, not dress it up like a window display. And most importantly, it’s a tool you can use to extend your reach in ways you might not have considered before.

Fair, Transparent Pricing

I don’t want to know what your budget is at the outset. That’s probably the first question you get asked when you request a quote for web development, and you’re right to be suspicious. Because web development is a highly technical process, it’s easy to get lost in tech jargon and accept developers’ pronouncements on faith.

After all, how would you feel if you walked into an auto mechanic’s shop with a messed up ride and after asking the mechanic how much it’ll cost to fix your wheels, the mechanic replied, “Well, what’s your budget?” I don’t believe in that kind of approach.

Because I have the development process down to a science, we don’t have to resort to black magic when it comes to pricing. I believe in transparent pricing, allowing you to buy features and functionality a la carte.