On the Renovation of Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar

Photo by Shannon Sweetser

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I love Rosebud. Mainly because I remember what Rosebud used to be like, a hulking carcass of a bar with a karaoke stage in the back, populated by stoners and all-out weirdos (I loved them too), that served stuff like hot dogs and mozzarella sticks, and there was a single pool table that nobody really used right in the middle of the shitty lawn chairs that were strewn about among the drunks.

They burned all that shit down though and now Rosebud is all swanky and pristine. It still has that ’50s diner car thing in the front, which connects to the dining room. There’s also a downstairs with a bathroom. I didn’t even know there was a downstairs, they must have carved it out of the earth and discovered the new restaurant like Roman ruins or buried treasure.

I take all my OKCupid dates here, without exception. They don’t know that it’s a kind of religious observance of the past for me, or that I have a notebook with checkboxes so I can try all the drinks and food of the NEW Rosebud, and that really they’re just serving as decorations for the interim. Like aquarium fish. They don’t seem to mind though.

You know before the old Rosebud closed down, my friend Jackie and I won the disco ball that used to hang near the karaoke stage in a raffle. It was sad, almost like when your parents get divorced and they argue over who gets to keep the dog. I miss hugging drunks.

You have to try the BBQ cauliflower, by the way. I think I ate like 10 pounds of it so far.  They also have pies. The food is a little bit expensive given what else is in Davis Square (maybe only by a couple dollars per dish), but I’ll let it slide because they dress up the waitstaff in jumpsuits that mechanics wear.

Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar
381 Summer St, Somerville, MA 02144

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