The Horror of House of Blues Boston

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I only go to House of Blues if it’s a band I really, really want to see and they’re not playing anywhere else in Boston. HOB is one step below the horror of giant pavilion Comcast Center helltraps and ten steps above nice small venues like The Sinclair or Paradise and Brighton Music Hall.

Don’t go to House of Blues unless you have General Admission tickets and you plan to get there a couple hours early to be in the front row (if you’re lucky and it’s not a concert that’s sold out). You’re better off listening to an album on your laptop if you’re going to be anywhere else in the house.

Don’t ever buy their “VIP” tickets. I once paid $300 for a pair of VIP tickets thinking that I’d be sitting in that little side area in the mezzanine that’s right above the band and to the left/right. Their “VIP” seating is really just sticky nosebleed seats on the second floor. The seats aren’t even tiered high enough to see anything while sitting down. I will forever hate you, House of Blues, for ruining that show.

House of Blues Boston
15 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215

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