Will Advanced Website Builders Steal Our Jobs?

Our friendly neighborhood Terminator.

"Aren't you afraid sites like these will make your job obsolete?"

The question of whether automation will steal our (developers’) jobs often comes up in shop talk: indicating Squarespace, a designer might ask, “Aren’t you afraid sites like these will make your job obsolete?”

Smashing Magazine does a good job covering the function of “advanced website builders”—drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG providers that allow individuals and businesses to create websites with zero technical expertise, some copy, and some photos.

My answer? Let’s not confuse automation with innovation. Advanced website builders (robots) emulate what developers (humans) initially figured out how to do. Yes, programs like Sketch can render designs into intelligible CSS these days. But neither Sketch nor Squarespace can reason their way out of a difficult design problem, and that’s something you’re always going to need developers to do.

That is, of course, until Skynet goes online. But then we’re all fucked, so who cares.

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