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Berklee College Campus Map

Berklee College launches new JSON-driven dynamic campus map for their Drupal platform.

Berklee College approached me to build a new campus map using the Google Maps API. Their implementation required that we allow for each building and location of the campus to have its own photography, video, and custom panoramas, and that the end result could be self-contained and portable into Berklee’s Drupal-based environment.

To this end, I delved deep into the Google Maps API to create an entirely Javascript-driven solution that rendered the campus map from a JSON file, which Berklee’s developers could populate with their own content from within the Drupal CMS. Each location in the JSON file could be rendered by the application as a building geography or map marker. I allowed for custom icons, galleries, panoramas, and videos to be associated with each node in the map, so that new buildings or locations could be added without having to modify the app itself.

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