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How to be everywhere and nowhere: The Design Museum's nomadic museum uses WordPress Multisite to serve regions across the USA.

The Design Museum Foundation, the umbrella organization for Boston and Portland’s “nomadic museum,” needed to reinvent its web presence with a fully mobile experience in a platform that allowed for the organization to create new regional chapters on the fly. For this project, I worked with designers Aaron Scott, formerly of Leap, and strategist Jeff Monahan, along with visual designer Maria de la Riva, who handled the visual design.

The new WordPress Multisite installation allows for the Design Museum to relaunch its presence in Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Portland simultaneously. Editors can manage all the content in each regional subsite, while the Foundation subsite aggregates content from all cities. The platform provided a wide variety of functionality, from EventBrite signups to embedded multimedia galleries, as well as a powerful Google Map that plots all the Museum’s events in each of its region’s cities.

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