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Toy State

Tackling a toy giant with WordPress Multilingual.

Allen & Gerritsen approached me to develop the redesign for Toy State, an international licenser of radio controlled toys. The agency provided the designs and I built the website in WordPress.

The development scope for Toy State was massive: in addition to needing to house hundreds of toys, the licenser wanted to feature an ajax-powered Toy Finder for each toy line, news and awards archives, a video archive of commercials, and a way for visitors to submit action shots of their children playing with the toys. Despite the highly stylized 3D nature of the design and the extensive interaction FX throughout, the website needed to be fully responsive. Add to this that every piece of content had to support multiple languages and be fully editable from within the WordPress Dashboard. With the help of Allen & Gerritsen’s project management team, we were able to launch the website without a hiccup.

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