Real Estate

Jyoti Justin

Jyoti Justin's new WordPress website leverages automation to outsmart her competition in the real estate sphere.

Real estate agent Jyoti Justin needed a new web presence for her established network in the Greater Boston area. I designed and developed new WordPress website to house her business. Using Gutenberg, WordPress’ native page builder, Jyoti is able to construct pages on the fly. But Jyoti needed more than mere brochureware to get ahead of her local competition.

In order to fully leverage the web for her business, I incorporated a number of third party real estate services, including a full integration with Follow Up Boss, which passively captures visitor traffic and converts them into leads. To that extent, every form in the site integrates with Follow Up Boss through Ninja Forms. I used WPeMatico to read a feed of custom content from Keeping Current Matters, a real estate content provider that automatically generates blog posts for her site. Finally, offsite search and embedded listings through RealScout allow visitors to browse Jyoti’s entire listings database without leaving the website.


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