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On Narrative Serendipity in Roleplaying Games

Like a compelling read or a moving piece of music, a roleplaying game has the potential to inspire moments of genuine emotional resonance you can only understand if you've experienced a moving piece of music or a compelling read.

On Ethics in Role-Playing Games

The most essential element of the fantasy story is the classic struggle between “good” and “evil,” yet we have relegated these terms to mere modalities.

The Last Die is Cast: On the Death of Dragon Magazine

To some, the death of Dragon magazine did not come as a surprise. "D&D was dead when Third Edition came out," says Christina Sills, owner of Wildgate Games in Deltona, Florida, over the phone, "so when Dragon was done, it just proved what we already knew."

Your Website in Five Steps

Yep, it’s really that simple. There’s a reason why the waterfall approach is a mainstay of web design: it works. After a decade of WordPress websites, I have my process down to a science.




User Experience


Visual Design





My Process