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Gocap.me’s public launch is powered by smart design and WordPress.

Gocap.me debuts with an engaging public beta and Stripe-powered WordPress cart.

Former Design Director of Common Sensing, Matt Legrand, approached me to build the launch website for Common Sensing’s insulin device, Gocap, a physical device that helps diabetes patients log insulin doses via an app. Matt designed the product, the app, and the website, so my primary goal in bringing Gocap.me to life was ensuring that everything he designed came out pixel-perfect.

In addition to showcasing the device, the Gocap.me website needed to allow visitors to buy the device during the company’s public beta launch and support users with a specially-designed tutorial section that hosts how-tos. After the launch, the website would need to convert to a normal shopping cart, so visitors could buy the full suite of Gocap devices. To this end, I wrote a custom Stripe integration with WordPress that could be switched from beta to public launch with the flip of a switch. The Gocap.me website tracks orders on the website and communicates with Common Sensing product owners as well as their Stripe account to keep everything in sync.

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