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Women & Alzheimer’s

CMO Barbara Chambers of the Cure Alzheimer's Foundation hired me to redesign the Women & Alzheimer's website, an arm of the fund that focuses on research and its impact on women. With the help of Beth Almeida of Proper Villains Agency, we patterned the redesign after the main Cure Alzheimer's Fund website, which I built in 2018. We took advantage of Gutenberg for the redesign, so Barbara's team could control the marketing website using its block-based infrastructure.

Dr. Blitz

Visual Designer Michael Robbins approached me to build the website for Dr. Neal Blitz, a renowned foot surgeon who engineered a procedure called Bunionplasty® as part of his practice.

Health Leads

Nearly everything in the Health Leads WordPress theme is configurable by site administrators, including inheritable sidebars, modular page layouts, sophisticated graphical timelines, infographics, and menu systems.

Design Director Matt Legrand designed the product, the app, and the website, so my primary goal in bringing to life was ensuring that everything he designed came out pixel-perfect.

Take Care

Take Care Home Health, a private duty home healthcare network headquartered in Sarasota, FL was one of my very first clients, way back in 2010.

Your Website in Five Steps

Yep, it’s really that simple. There’s a reason why the waterfall approach is a mainstay of web design: it works. After a decade of WordPress websites, I have my process down to a science.




User Experience


Visual Design





My Process