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Swedenborgian Church

The Swedenborgian Church attracts new followers through contemporary design.

The Swedenborgian Church refreshes its look in this highly modular WordPress redesign.

Cambridge-headquartered Swedenborgian Church of North America needed a new, modern design that reflected their congregations’ changing demographics. I worked with Associate Creative Director Kit Casey (currently at SapientNitro), who designed a fresh, friendly new look that would enable the Church to appeal to younger adherents to the religion.

The WordPress theme I built allows site administrators to create highly modular pages by selecting from a bank of configurable blocks that require no technical expertise to manage. The events and communications center templates plot East Coast events on a Google Map and aggregate blog posts, quotes, scriptures, and member profiles in a single location. I also helped the Church create a curated publication library powered by SearchWP, which allows PDFs and documents in the Media Library to be publicly searchable, so site administrators can catalog literature relevant to the Church in an organized, easy-to-access format.

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