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Full Service Web Design

When you work with me to build your website, I partner with local experts like visual designers from within my network, and together we collaborate on a solution that best suits your brand. My studio only takes on the kind of work I feel is better served by a small team of professionals, like us. And if you’re local, we meet you in person. No third party vendors, no offshore labor, no hours on the phone waiting for tech support. Our goal is simple: Build a platform that performs the way you need it to, so you can focus on what you really care about, which is doing business.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Whether you’re a restaurateur like The Maiden in Southie, or a marketing manager overseeing product development at LogMeIn, the powerful Gutenberg Editor in WordPress can make your life easier. After all—it’s already making the lives of millions of bloggers all around the world easier, so why not you? I can tailor the platform to serve your business’ unique needs, and that way you can get back to work.

Content-First Web Design

A website that performs should serve your content, not dress it up like a window display. Most importantly, it’s a tool you can use to extend your reach in ways you might not have considered before. My development process starts from the ground up: employing market strategy and user experience design to hand-craft and then hand-code a platform that not only looks sharp but can actually knock out the competition.

Assemble Your A-Team

I’m here to assemble your A-Team. I’m not only the guy with his hands in your code, but I’m also your project coordinator and taskmaster. If we need to bring in specialists like copywriters, SEO experts, or marketing strategists to get the job done, my Rolodex includes trusted, local experts who can join our team.

Custom Really Means Custom

Every installation starts with a clean slate: no hacked up WordPress themes, no Frankenstein of stitched-together plugins. I cut my teeth in the agency world, where you innovate or die. I don’t like off-the-shelf solutions that only approximate what you dreamed of building. Instead, everything I write or design is custom-built to order.


Daniel consistently delivers professional and high quality work. He has a great personality and he's respected by all. —Eric Hoffman, Stetson UniversityInstructional Media Designer

Certain people in the world just naturally exude professionalism. No matter what, you receive more than you had ever requested and are instantly humbled by it. Daniel is that kind of person. —Fetesha DownesYWCA Metro Chicago

Daniel is one in a million... He's lightning fast at whatever he does while also delivering at the highest quality. He is extremely patient and always willing to help. —Anne Brown, VP, Interaction DesignerBank of America

A fantastic job ... His work completely transformed our web presence. He's patient, thoughtful and talented. An innovator and a tireless worker. I recommend him highly and without reservation. —Jeff Parker, Co-Founder & DirectorDisquiet International

Dan has been so responsive to both our design and support needs. We continue to get compliments on the website on a regular basis. Dan is great to work with; he is a truly unique blend of professionalism, talent, engagement, and fun. —Elizabeth Friend, Managing DirectorS3IDF

Daniel is extremely organized and prompt in all of his communications and deliverables... I was constantly impressed with the speed and quality of his work and the responsiveness of his communications. —Elizabeth Friend, Managing DirectorS3IDF

Daniel's knowledge of production techniques and sophisticated design sense made me feel totally confident. The site is edgy yet professional—I highly recommend Daniel for his ability to produce great results. —Jamie Kerry, FounderBelle Étoile Studios

I would trust Daniel in a heartbeat with any design or programming project... he is a pleasure to work with, incredibly skilled and creative. —Howard Stelzer, Record ProducerIntransitive Recordings

I appreciate [his] perseverance and understanding through it all ... we are indeed proud of the final product. —Ken Gagne, Multimedia Communications ProducerMass Eye and Ear

I know no better WordPress developer. You'd be lucky to have him work on your site. —Chad Capellman, Director of Marketing & Business DevelopmentBalance Interactive

Talented, efficient, and innovative: A Bad Penny Review couldn't be any happier with our site or with our experience. Highly recommended. —Johnny Damm, Editor in ChiefA Bad Penny Review



WordPress Development

You’re nimble, you’re adaptable, and you’re already occupying a niche market. You need a website that’s easy to maintain and offers a lot of utility for your users. And you don’t want to spend a fortune building it. Both small- to- mid-market businesses and established brands are poised to take advantage of the low-cost customization that a platform like WordPress offers, and you don’t need a team of developers to put it together for you.

Forget about wrangling with WordPress themes that are almost what you wanted. Stop wading through a sea of wonky community plugins. Isn’t your time worth something? Why not spend it wisely?

Redesign & Rebranding

Sometimes the best solution is to start fresh. There’s no shame in that. You’ve gone down one direction and you or your users are spent. Now it’s time to take the road less traveled by.

If you have an existing web presence but it’s no longer meeting your expectations, I can help you take the next step. My process is a simple, five-step approach that takes us from Discovery to Deployment in as few as three to four weeks.

Web Consulting

Like any highly technical discipline, the world of web design has its chieftains as well as its charlatans. The trick is deciphering who is what. I, for one, prefer the drab but well-tested to the experimental and flashy. I like technology I can rely on. I try every day to be a foe of obsolescence.

Naturally, my desire to keep things sane makes being a web worker in the 21st century all the more difficult, because I’m up against a daily sea-change, from floods of new software updates to the detritus of new devices to a tentacled mess of new web services the lifecycles of which change faster than I can define them. But that’s my life. It doesn’t have to be yours. Let me do the deciphering for you.

Content Strategy

Full disclosure: my graduate degree is in book and magazine publishing, and I studied English literature way back in my twenties. It’s surprisingly common for battle-tested developers to come from non-computer-science backgrounds—in fact, my academic concentration was in formal poetry, and I happen to write science fiction in my free time.

What does this have to do with you? It means I can speak your language as well as the language of developers. Unlike many of my colleagues, I ended up here accidentally on the way to a totally different career. Content strategy is all about bridging the gap between the message you want to convey and the means of conveyance. Invest in a translator who understands both.

Get a Free Consultation

My goal is simple: Build a platform that performs the way you need it to, so you can focus on what you really care about, which is doing business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. A consultation is free, and we can determine over a quick phone call if I’m a good fit for your project.