Boston-Based Web Design Studio is a Boston-based web design studio operated by Daniel Quinn. I specialize in intimate, end-to-end, and fully custom solutions for local businesses and established brands. For over ten years, I’ve been building websites in WordPress, the most popular content-management system in the world. My network of digital experts—from visual designers, copywriters, videographers, and marketing strategists to accessibility experts—makes it possible for you to build a fully featured platform for your business with a one-man army, without any of the expensive middlemen, through a single point of contact. Here’s what I believe in.

Transparent Pricing

Practical Web Design

The Power of WordPress

I don’t want to know your budget at the outset. That’s probably the first question you get asked when you request a quote for web development, and you’re right to be suspicious: because web development is a highly technical process, it’s easy to get lost in tech jargon and accept developers’ pronouncements on faith.

Because I have the development process down to a science, we don’t have to resort to black magic when it comes to pricing. I believe in transparent pricing, allowing you to buy features and functionality à la carte.

I believe in practical web design. I’m not interested in building websites for one-time, flash-in-the-pan marketing. I’m interested in building practical solutions for you as the content creator and your visitors as users. The goal is to create a platform that gets your message out without having to think about the technical hurdles involved in managing a website.

Instead of making “WordPress themes,” I build websites that use WordPress to empower you to take control of your content. Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or principal, the powerful WordPress Dashboard can make your life easier.

WordPress powers the websites of 314 million bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners worldwide. (That’s over 39% of all websites on the Internet.) The platform was built by the tireless contributions of thousands and continues to improve every day, thanks to the genius of the open source community.

I believe in the power of WordPress. Countless big names including Time Inc., TechCrunch, Salesforce, Rolling Stone, BBC America, and The White House have chosen WordPress due to its incredible flexibility and easy-to-use Dashboard. WordPress allows non-technical users to control the content in their site like no other platform available today. By choosing WordPress as your publishing platform, you not only save costs in development, but tap into a constantly growing and future-proof community.

Here’s What I’m Offering

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Whether you’re a plastic surgeon like Dr. Neal Blitz in Beverly Hills or the chief curator of the Institute of Arts & Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, the powerful Gutenberg editor in WordPress can make your life easier. After all—it’s already making the lives of millions of bloggers all around the world easier, so why not you? I can tailor the platform to serve your business’ unique needs, that way you can get back to work.

Content-First Web Design

A website that performs should serve your content, not dress it up like a window display. Most importantly, it’s a tool you can use to extend your reach in ways you might not have considered before. My development process starts from the ground up: I bring in a designer skilled in user experience design (UXD) to take you through the full process of creating a sitemap and wireframes. A carefully crafted UXD review ensures that your website not only looks smart, but rewards your users for its being intelligently designed.

Assemble Your A-Team

I’m here to assemble your A-Team. I’m the guy with his hands in the code and your project’s manager. If we need to bring in a specialist like a copywriter, search engine consultant, or accessibility or security expert for an outside review, my Rolodex includes trusted, local experts who can join our team under the umbrella of my studio. I’ve dealt with every facet of the web design process, and know just the right people to call.

Custom Really Means Custom

Every installation starts with a clean slate: no hacked-up WordPress themes, no Frankenstein of stitched-together plugins. I cut my teeth in the agency world, where you innovate or die. I don’t like off-the-shelf solutions that only approximate what you dreamed of building. Instead, everything I write or design is custom built to order.

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Working with Gutenberg Learn More

This new, native page builder in WordPress puts Squarespace and Wix to shame. I build you a library of blocks based on your custom design. No more retrofitting, no more finagling.

See Pentecostal Tabernacle

User Experience Design See Pentecostal Tabernacle

Wireframing is essential to informing functional specs during the design phase. Just about every website my designers create starts with a skeleton like this, just after the discovery phase.

Safe Kids Thrive

Bring in the Specialists Safe Kids Thrive

My advice is always to leave the expert jobs to the experts. If you need to your website to be accessible, let’s bring in an accessibility group that does just that. I can oversee these third parties and make sure they do the right thing.

See Global Steering Systems

Coding Lean & Clean See Global Steering Systems

The measurable gains from starting with a clean slate might be the difference between gaining a customer or losing them to a one-second delay on mobile. I write everything from scratch: no frameworks, no bloated code.

I appreciate [his] perseverance and understanding through it all … we are indeed proud of the final product.

Ken Gagne Multimedia Communications Producer — Mass Eye and Ear

A fantastic job … His work completely transformed our web presence. He’s patient, thoughtful and talented. An innovator and a tireless worker. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

Jeff Parker Co-Founder & Director — Disquiet International

I know no better WordPress developer. You’d be lucky to have him work on your site.

Chad Capellman Director of Marketing & Business Development — Balance Interactive

Daniel is extremely organized and prompt in all of his communications and deliverables… I was constantly impressed with the speed and quality of his work and the responsiveness of his communications.

Elizabeth Friend Managing Director — S3IDF

Talented, efficient, and innovative: A Bad Penny Review couldn’t be any happier with our site or with our experience. Highly recommended.

Johnny Damm Editor-in-Chief — A Bad Penny Review

Daniel is one in a million… He’s lightning fast at whatever he does while also delivering at the highest quality. He is extremely patient and always willing to help.

Anne Brown VP, Interaction Designer — Bank of America

Certain people in the world just naturally exude professionalism. No matter what, you receive more than you had ever requested and are instantly humbled by it. Daniel is that kind of person.

Fetesha Downes Communications Manager — YWCA Metro Chicago

I would trust Daniel in a heartbeat with any design or programming project… he is a pleasure to work with, incredibly skilled and creative.

Howard Stelzer Record Producer — Intransitive Recordings

Daniel’s knowledge of production techniques and sophisticated design sense made me feel totally confident. The site is edgy yet professional—I highly recommend Daniel for his ability to produce great results.

Jamie Kerry Founder — Belle Étoile Studios

Daniel consistently delivers professional and high quality work. He has a great personality and he’s respected by all.

Eric Hoffman Instructional Media Designer — Stetson University

Dan has been so responsive to both our design and support needs. We continue to get compliments on the website on a regular basis. Dan is great to work with; he is a truly unique blend of professionalism, talent, engagement, and fun.

Elizabeth Friend Managing Director — S3IDF

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When it comes to specialized work, hire battle-tested experts to get the job done right. I build platforms that take care of brands, so you can go back to building yours. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. A consultation is free, and we can determine over a quick phone call if I’m a good fit for your project.

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Disquiet International

My approach in the redesign was to put the emphasis on the program’s very visual experience, as well as make it easier for the program organizers to collect applications.

Redis Labs

Using designs provided by Redis, I developed a custom WordPress installation powered by Gutenberg, WordPress’ built-in block editor.