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Dinolt Becnel & Wells

Carefully crafted copy and a clean interface is key to generating new leads.

Managing partner Philip Becnel of Dinolt Becnel & Wells Investigative Group (DBW) approached me to redesign the website for his private investigative firm based in Washington, D.C. I teamed up with Bonnie Brunner to come up with a look and feel, and developed the new platform on WordPress.

We wanted Philip’s new, fully responsive website to highlight the tireless ingenuity of his firm, so the case studies took front and center right off the homepage. Bonnie provided creative direction for photography throughout the website. We created a simple news center in the website to act as the firm’s digital mouthpiece, and ensured that all content would be editable by Philip’s team from within the Dashboard. I also crafted more interesting headlines for each case study and made recommendations for slimming down copy so that Philip could better present his content for consumption on the Web.

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