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Take Care

Take Care Home Health comes back to DQuinn.net for a full redesign after 8 years.

Take Care Home Health, a private duty home healthcare network headquartered in Sarasota, FL was one of my very first clients, way back in 2010. We built a very simple WordPress site that ran for nearly eight years before Take Care returned to me for a redesign. Since then, they’ve expanded to multiple locations across Florida.

The new website needed to not only catch up with the times as far as the web was concerned, but reflect the capabilities and reach of the company, which had come to dominate the region with its private duty service and through its reputation for care. With the help of visual designer Catherine Bergen, who provided the new look and feel, I rebuilt the website from the ground up. The new site is responsive, more engaging, and remains easy-to-manage for the company’s staff.

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