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Thoughts on Determinism in Watchmen

What I like about Rorschach is that, on the most superficial level, he embodies the antithesis to utilitarian compromise, a "black and white" perspective in a morally indifferent universe.

Physics of the Impossible

Do Doubleday and Anchor Books think that blatant regurgitation of portions of text from earlier books in the series is okay because these books are so difficult to comprehend?

Jeff Gomez’s “Snippet Culture”

Novels aren't YouTube videos. Buying random chunks from a novel is analogous to buying pixels from a jpeg, or fourteen seconds from an mp3, or the middle forty-thousand frames of a music video.

Your Website in Five Steps

Yep, it’s really that simple. There’s a reason why the waterfall approach is a mainstay of web design: it works. After a decade of WordPress websites, I have my process down to a science.




User Experience


Visual Design





My Process