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I'm Daniel Quinn, a freelance web designer with a background in creative writing. I've served as a copywriter, embedded developer, and technical lead for traditional publishers and digital advertisers throughout the city of Boston. I also write science fiction and listen to late '90s trip hop when I'm not wasting my time on the Internet.

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Do Doubleday and Anchor Books think that blatant regurgitation of portions of text from earlier books in the series is okay because these books are so difficult to comprehend?


WordPress-powered Your Brand Week connects logo designers to small businesses in a one-page checkout.

Pop Culture

Also, all of you bitches who are like, "Well I live in Antarctica, it's so much colder, you whiny Bostonians," fuck you! Antarctica at least has Nazi moonbases, Boston doesn't have the infrastructure to handle this!


Check out my dear friend and techno-poet Laura Oxendine's latest videographic creation, which won Best of Show at RAW Artists, Texas.